The IGC non-exclusive packages are an effective way to benefit from selected components of our experience. We’ve worked a lot of places and we’ve used that region- and area-specific experience to develop non-exclusive integrated interpretation packages for the Continental U.S., Gulf of Mexico and select basins around the globe.

Specialized U.S. Interpretation Packages

Working with data suppliers, IGC has built several proprietary tools that are now available to license-to-use.

Playmaker® for Deepwater Gulf of Mexico

A comprehensive, geological/geophysical interpretation package delivered as a suite of digital templates


ShelfWorks provides a comprehensive suite of tools to assist in the development Texas, Louisiana, and Florida shelf of the potential of deep gas plays.


An independent subsurface view of the structural framework offers insight to the exploration criteria for even a mature area.


SaltWorks prime objective is the Louisiana salt tectonics and specifically the inter-salt sediment interpretation.

GlobalWorks™ Specialized Regional Interpretation Packages

IGC has developed a range of interpretation packages from commercially available data sets. These cover various exploration provinces around the world. They are interpretation packages for the client seeking the regional tectonics and structural trends.

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