A comprehensive suite of tools to help develop Texas, Louisiana, and Florida shelf prospects and to help resolve the potential of deep gas prospects.

ShelfWorks is licensed by area. For each area, you get eleven maps with a detailed interpretation overlay. The package also includes written text discussing assumptions, constraints and conclusions. A series of “mini-maps” are also included for quick reference.


Easy to install, easy to use

The entire suite is delivered as ready-to-use digital templates in client-selected formats.

  • All maps can be in Adobe Acrobat PDF or CGM format.
  • Grid data is in ESRI grid or ASCII format.
  • Vector data is provided in ESRI shape-file format.
  • Interpretive report is in PDF format as are the “mini-maps.”
  • Materials are also provided in a digital archive format suitable for IGC’s VIDL®
  • Visual Interactive Data Library or for an ArcGIS Library.

Because of the delivery format, ShelfWorks templates can be readily integrated with any proprietary client database.


Input data

ShelfWorks packages utilize various input data sets. The data used is considered the best available commercial data coverage for the specific area. A data license is required from the contractor. IGC will help you arrange licensing for the area in which you are interested.



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