SaltWorks 3D Salt Interpretation Package for Louisiana focuses on salt tectonics, specifically the inter-salt sediment interpretation.

Gravity, Magnetics, Well Data

Salt tectonics influences many aspects of petroleum systems including reservoir distribution, trapping mechanisms and source rock maturity. To explore successfully in Louisiana, you must understand the geometry and history of the salt. IGC has gathered an abundance of data from various sources to constraint the interpretation. Data coverage for the area shown is 250,000 stations from the Getech land & water bottom gravity database and 6200 line miles of CGG aeromagnetic data. The interpretation is constrained by 6600 well salt tops, control on over 193 salt domes, well density logs, well sonic velocities and regional magnetic basement structure.


Easy to install, easy to use

SaltWorks functionality is its immediate interactive interface with a Client’s proprietary database via a set of digital template-inspired interpretation maps.

You can choose from several output format options.

  • All maps, for example, can be in Adobe Acrobat PDF or CGM format.
  • Grid data is in ESRI grid or ASCII format.
  • Vector data is provided in ESRI shape-file format.
  • Interpretive report is in PDF format as are the “mini-maps.”
  • Materials are also provided in a digital archive format suitable for
  • IGC’s VIDL® Visual Interactive Data Library



For additional information about the SaltWorks® 3D Salt Interpretation Package for Louisiana, please contact us at 713 680-9996