Southeast Asia Develop regional tectonic model using merges potential fields and seismic data. Satellite and various shipborne gravity surveys and seismic data Data merge and regional tectonic interpretation for major international oil company led to the discovery of a triple junction. This discovery was very important to understanding the origin and development of area oil trapping structures.
Offshore China Depth-to-basement interpretation Close-sampled marine gravity and magnetic surveys Produced depth-to-basement interpretation for large international oil company. Study helped determine amount of prospective pre-Tertiary sedimentary section, which is very difficult to determine seismically.
Algeria Basement/tectonic structure interpretation Land gravity and aeromagnetic data Basement and tectonic structure interpretation helped mid-size company refine a regional framework used for successful exploration in the area.
Middle-East Integrated interpretation Gravity, aeromagnetic and seismic Integrated interpretation for a major international oil company resulted in a 13-well commitment by the client.
Sudan—various basins Integrated interpretation Gravity, aeromagnetic and seismic Integrated interpretation for an independent oil company joint venture resulted in modeled basin architecture and the extent of volcanism.
Africa Gravity and magnetic data integration Gravity and magnetic Compiled a total of 22 gravity and magnetic studies into two databases covering multiple countries. Interpretation provided a regional exploration perspective for the client.
Offshore New Zealand — Taranaki Basin Integrated interpretation Aeromagnetic and seismic Interpretation helped independent drilling company distinguish volcanic features from other seismic anomalies.
Gabon—Coastal Basin Integrated interpretation Gravity, aeromagnetic and seismic Interpretation provided information on pre-salt and post-salt exploration targets in a large concession held by a major oil company.
Gulf of Suez Regional structural model followed by prospect drilling decisions Marine gravity and magnetic; aeromagnetics; marine gravity; seismic; and well control> This three-phase project started with interpretation of regional structural configuration from marine gravity and magnetics. The project ended with a structural model from integrated aeromagnetics, marine gravity, seismic and well control to support prospect drill location decisions.



Wyoming-Utah Overthrust belt Integrated structural model Land gravity and seismic Integrated structural model for a mid-size company helped determine which of several seismic interpretations was the most reasonable.
Mid-Continent Analysis of basement controlled fracturing High-resolution aeromagnetic Analysis for large oil company aided natural gas exploration and drilling efforts.
Gulf of Mexico Moho depth interpretation Satellite gravity Large oil company was able to develop better heat flow models for hydrocarbon maturity studies with this study.
Alabama, Louisiana, Texas and Gulf of Mexico Integrated interpretation of deep and shallow salt structures Gravity and seismic Integrated interpretations completed for various major and independent oil companies.
East Texas Delineation of a mini-basin Gravity and seismic This integrated interpretation for foreign company entering the U.S. market led to new activity in the area resulting from delineation of a mini-basin.
Washington and Oregon Integrated interpretation Gravity, magnetotelluric and aeromagnetic Produced integrated interpretation of the Columbia Plateau for a major oil company.
Gulf Coast Integrated interpretation to define salt overhang. Gravity, seismic and well logs Produced detailed delineation of salt domes for a major oil company.