Project Description

Northeastern Ohio

The exploration objective was to produce a basement structure map that would assist seismic and geological interpreters to locate viable prospects. The strike-slip faults shown on the magnetically-based Basement Structure map became a lead tool for exploration efforts. Analogous features are seen in the Albion-Scipio Field of Michigan and in the Trenton Lime play of New York.

The Magnetic Basement Structure interpreted a series of north-northeast–south-southwest trending, semi-parallel, faulted anticlines and synclines that were offset and occasionally deformed by a later tectonic event: a strike-slip fault system trending nearly perpendicular to the original fault system. The resulting structural pattern consists of several primarily rhombic, fault-separated horsts and grabens. Basement structure has been interpreted within the framework of the Grenville Province near the western limit of the Appalachian Basin.

The aeromagnetic maps and an interpretation of the Precambrian magnetically-based basement structure were based on two aeromagnetic datasets; a closed-spaced 2×20 mile survey and regional NURE 6×17 mile survey. Well tops for depth control were gathered from various sources.

Potential fields data integrated with well tops produced an independent view of the subsurface from an entirely new source of observations and offer insight into the rethinking of exploration criteria for a mature area.