We understand that you want answers

IGC professionals come from major energy corporations and understand that clients are looking for interpretations they can use to make decisions. That’s why we deliver actionable advice – definitive interpretations, not academic studies. About 60% of this work is assessing new plays and frontier areas. The 40% is verifying or supporting a seismically-derived interpretation. Here are some of the major applications of our multi-science interpretations.

Regional analysis to identify areas of interest

Integrated Geophysics Corporation delivers viable information about basement rock, tectonics, sediment thickness, migration pathways and structure. Clients often use our results to make strategic decisions about where to invest their exploration dollars. Potential Fields data can deliver a 1st pass interpretation of a region and target areas of interest in preparation for seismic acquisition. The cost of regional seismic data is greatly reduced.

Visualize structure when seismic technologies don’t work

Integrated gravity/magnetics interpretations guided by IGC’s extensive experience and proprietary techniques, can help clients reduce risk by verifying deep seismically-derived structure.

Resolving structure under low-density section e.g., salt

Both magnetic and gravity interpretations contribute to higher-confidence structural mapping, well placement and pay zone depth definition.

Resolving structure at the sedimentary/igneous interface

Magnetic and gravity interpretations can help identify structures and traps below igneous interfaces such as basalt flows.

Seeing where seismic sheds little light

Gravity-based modeling is very valuable in defining or confirming structure below salt domes or where salt formations redirect or absorb seismic pulses. The same holds true for areas where sedimentary formations interface with igneous rock—especially where igneous intrusions may cover deeper sedimentary structure. In these instances gravity & magnetic-based modeling can provide information about structure. In conjunction with seismic data, gravity and magnetics can define those obscured prospect features.

These benefits are the reason leading companies incorporate gravity models in their prestack depth migration workflows.

  • Magnetic modeling, especially from high-resolution aeromagnetic (HRAM) data, provides a unique, high-sensitivity picture of top-of-salt relief.
  • Magnetic studies have been critical in defining the Gulf of Mexico’s framework for autochthonous salt interpretations.
  • Potential fields modeling has also defined/revealed structure under hanging walls, below igneous flows, thrusted basement, etc in areas such as US & Canadian Rocky Mountains.

Defining basement

Over 70% percent of existing assets in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico are associated with basement structural highs or faults. This indicates the predictive value of basement studies. See more on basement in Custom Services.

Guidance to increase the value of proposed seismic studies

Gravity/Magnetic interpretations can be of enormous value in identifying structures prior to seismic studies. That information can assist clients place survey lines for higher resolution of important structures.