Assessing IGC as a supplier

If you are looking for information about IGC because you plan to engage a geophysics firm, the following posts may be helpful:

  • How we address the challenges E&P Professionals face
  • Professionals
  • Representative Engagements
  • Publications
  • Custom vs Multi-Client Packages

Discussing a proposed project or need

If you’d like to talk to us about an area or about an objective you are trying to accomplish, we can help you find the right person.

Information about technologies

You will find a number of resources on the IGC website regarding geophysical technology and how to best apply it.

  • What geophysics can provide
  • Principal uses of multi-science interpretations
  • Value is dependent on experience and interpretation skill
  • Glossary, publications and other tools

Outsourcing the interpretation function

Some clients use IGC as their geophysics (gravity and magnetics) department. Recommended best practices can strongly increase the benefits of this strategy.