Our skill comes into play even before you engage us
We work with each client to develop a free assessment of the feasibility, real cost, real timeline and ultimate value of the requested work. We provide advice on the adequacy and quality of data and how you might want to adjust your work plan to get better results.

Technique, tools and knowledge create value
Execution is as important as planning. There are proven practices that get the most from whatever software or tools you want to use. Those practices come from the collective published knowledge of the science and the unique experience of our interpreters. Correlative knowledge of area geology is critical to interpretation.

High-confidence decisions
Our role is to provide you with the best information possible to support high-confidence decisions. This begins with quality data. We make sure that the data you plan to use can deliver the results you need. If necessary, we will make recommendations for other data sets or new surveys.

  • To get the most out of your data, IGC utilizes various commercial and proprietary software packages. We follow industry best practices in applying the tools, and add our own experience in optimizing them.
  • Our experience informs your interpretation. Accumulated knowledge of regional geology and of software output is critical to the quality of interpretation.

Our team of experts comes from your world
Our professionals all have experience in major production companies. They understand the pressures and constraints you face in an E&P division. They shape their work process to accommodate those demands.

We help you balance multiple constraints
Building a project is a little like riding a see-saw. You must balance multiple, interdependent constraints. Time and budget are usually the two biggest and often impact project feasibility. We understand this.

We keep your goal in mind
You come to IGC because you have a specific goal. Usually it’s an exploration or production investment decision. We keep that goal in mind as we work with you. We want to make sure you will get the interpretation you need to meet that goal. We will watch closely for any “adjustment” that might compromise your outcome.

We insist on delivering a candid, meaningful interpretation
If you’ve worked with us before, you know we are very candid. You also know that we will provide an unambiguous interpretation, not multiple-choice studies. Clients value the action-focused information we provide and it is a component of our reputation.

We can provide clear interpretations because of our experience and because we have confidence in quality of information that comes out of our workup. We make sure it is all done and done correctly. We know the tools and how to optimize them.

We help you communicate with your internal audience
Your interpretation is valuable only to the extent that decision makers can understand it. They may have diverse professional backgrounds and their understanding of the science may vary widely. We work closely with you to identify what presentation elements will be most useful to your audience. If you want, we will help present the findings.