Many factors influence the quality of data such as the instrumentation used and how it is maintained; the position reference sources and their accuracy; and the skill of the crew collecting survey data. For the best results, you need a team that is intimately familiar with the strengths of the survey companies and the quality and idiosyncrasies of existing data sets.

Just as important to your result is knowing what a data set can provide. Many factors including direction, spacing and altitude affects what you can determine from a data set. Again, this knowledge comes only with experience.

The “right format” can mean many things, and may be different for each client. Some of the considerations we review include the level of abstraction or aggregation you need; the specific data structure, data conventions and file formats you need; and the platform upon which they will be used.

Before each engagement, we make sure we know exactly what that format must be and then we deliver it. We provide your output and data in whatever format you require. To help clients manage their inventory of interpretations and data, we have developed a proprietary data-management solution.

On-line data storage, review and retrieval tool makes it easier for clients to store, view and manage geophysical data.