IGC Provides Actionable Results

We understand that you want answers IGC professionals come from major energy corporations and understand that clients are looking for interpretations they can use to make decisions. That's why we deliver actionable advice - definitive interpretations, not academic studies. About 60% of this work is assessing new plays and frontier [...]


How IGC Can Help You

Assessing IGC as a supplier If you are looking for information about IGC because you plan to engage a geophysics firm, the following posts may be helpful: How we address the challenges E&P Professionals face Professionals Representative Engagements Publications Custom vs Multi-Client Packages Discussing a proposed project or need If you’d [...]


Outsourcing to Reduce Costs

The pressure to reduce costs Outsourcing the interpretation function can reduce staffing costs. However, it can be a dangerous option if not done right. Here are some things to think about when considering a consultant. Interpretation skill is critical to maintain a competitive edge The biggest risk a company faces [...]


3D Gravity and Tensor Technology

Precise structural models utilizing 3D gravity and tensor analysis Gravity surveys can now record changes in gravity in all three dimensions. This data is called gravity TENSOR data. Gravity tensor data provides much higher resolution than conventional gravity data. Tensor data can be used to constrain seismic data that has [...]


Science, Art & Confidence

The science is in the collection of viable data and the constraints imposed on that data to solve the problem. The art of interpretation is the ability to infer the geology from partial information. Extensive experience in an area is critical because it provides additional points of reference, past examples [...]


Representative Projects

International Southeast Asia Develop regional tectonic model using merges potential fields and seismic data. Satellite and various shipborne gravity surveys and seismic data Data merge and regional tectonic interpretation for major international oil company led to the discovery of a triple junction. This discovery was very important to understanding the [...]


Representative Clients

Serving industry's most dynamic companies means crossing new frontiers in exploration, technological application and innovative problem solving. For over thirty years, IGC has been honored to work with the world's leading energy and service companies: British Petroleum Five Star Exploration, Inc. Bell Geospace Fugro Airborne surveys Cassandra Energy Hess Corporation [...]

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