Structural interpretation with emphasis on the tectonics, basement and sediment isopach mapping.

Current packaged areas include:

  • Rocky Mountain states
  • Gulf Coast Province
  • Southwest Texas
  • Ohio
  • Offshore US East Coast
  • Offshore Florida
  • Mexico


Each BaseWorks Structural Interpretation Package provides a comprehensive, digital, geological/geophysical interpretation package. The input database varies per area; such as public aeromagnetic data reprocessed by IGC or commercial aeromagnetic data (license required).

You have the option to include proprietary gravity data. Or, you can select an IGC recommended gravity database to be utilized. Interpretation products utilizing both gravity and magnetics data include sedimentary geologic structures such as faults, anticlinal and synclinal elements and structural basement mapping.

BaseWorks is licensed by state or by contiguous 25,000 square mile area. Map scales, projections and datums vary and are dependent on input data.

The package also includes written text discussing assumptions, constraints and conclusions. A series of “mini-maps” are also included for quick reference.


Input data

The interpretation package is based on the following data sets:

  • public domain magnetics data
  • Digital Elevation Model (DEM)
  • state geologic maps


Easy to install, easy to use

The entire suite is delivered as ready-to-use, digital templates in client-selected formats.

  • All maps, for example, can be in Adobe Acrobat PDF or CGM format.
  • Grid data is in ESRI grid or ASCII format.
  • Vector data is provided in ESRI shape-file format.
  • Interpretive report is in PDF format.
  • Materials are also provided in a digital archive format suitable for IGC’s VIDL® Visual Interactive Data Library or for an ArcGIS Library.


Because of the delivery format, the BaseWorks solution can be immediately integrated with any proprietary client database.

For more information about any of these BaseWorks® Structural Interpretation Packages, please contact us at 713 680-9996