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Why Custom Interpretation Solutions?

Custom interpretation projects are designed to accomplish your objectives IGC provides you with a detailed narrative—a project summary or project report—covering methods and observations. To help you visualize results clearly, we will design and tune data to the most appropriate final map views. The project is defined as a series [...]


Why Package Interpretation Solutions?

The IGC non-exclusive packages are an effective way to benefit from selected components of our experience. We’ve worked a lot of places and we’ve used that region- and area-specific experience to develop non-exclusive integrated interpretation packages for the Continental U.S., Gulf of Mexico and select basins around the globe. Specialized [...]


Northeastern Ohio

The exploration objective was to produce a basement structure map that would assist seismic and geological interpreters to locate viable prospects. The strike-slip faults shown on the magnetically-based Basement Structure map became a lead tool for exploration efforts. Analogous features are seen in the Albion-Scipio Field of Michigan and in [...]


Offshore Gabon

A regional interpretation of western Offshore Gabon was based on an IGC interpretation of satellite-derived gravity data offshore and a compilation of published data offshore and onshore. The Regional Geologic Features map featured in this report shows a series of basins and high blocks trending sub parallel to and subnormal [...]


Louisiana Salt Dome

Louisiana Shelf:  Timbalier Bay and Bay Marchand Salt Domes The configuration of the salt domes had come into question by the client.  The directive given to IGC was to determine the possibility and extent of the salt overhang. Several publications were available on the Bay Marchand and Timbalier Bay salt [...]


A New Look at Maverick Basin Basement Tectonics

The current Eagle Ford play in South Texas has regenerated exploration interest in the Maverick Basin area.  The greater Maverick Basin is shown to consist of several sub-basins, each having a unique tectonic character.  Three broad Cretaceous basins overlie narrow Jurassic basins that are considered to be part of a [...]


Examples of Final Products

Integrated interpretation maps Qualitative interpretation overlay The gravity and magnetics data can be used to interpret and map qualitative structure in the project area. Structural features include faults and anticlinal and synclinal trends. The DEM hillshade grids will be used to correlate & interpret structure and lineaments. The surface geology [...]


The Predictive Value of Basement

Over 70% of existing assets in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico are associated with basement structural highs or faults indicating the predictive value of basement studies. IGC’s Definition of Basement The geologic term “basement“ can be defined in several different ways. What is equated to “geologic basement” generally is a [...]


Outsourced Interpretation Services

Some clients use IGC as their potential fields (gravity and magnetic) department. Some recommended best practices can strongly increase the benefits of this strategy. The pressure to reduce costs Outsourcing the interpretation function can reduce staffing costs. However, it can be a dangerous option if not done right. Here are [...]


Project Consultants

You may not have the expertise on staff to interpret a special project or just need assistance for a short amount of time. Either way, we can act as a consultant to augment your existing team. We provide recommendations about what it would take to get the interpretation you need, [...]

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