Clients get a thorough assessment of every issue associated with an engagement before we ever create a proposal. The purpose of this assessment is to confirm that the interpretation, as proposed, can give you the results you want. We want to make sure it is realistic and that it fits within the constraints you must deal with in your organization.

A prospective client gets our recommendations about what it would take to get the interpretation they need, with the level of confidence they require. If we don’t think it will work, we will tell you. We have saved clients millions by providing this kind of insight. We’re not afraid to tell you we don’t think you are going to get sufficient return from an interpretation to justify its cost.

We look at the completeness and quality of existing data sources available, including data you provide. We assess whether or not these data sets can get the job done and whether new acquisition is warranted and would be cost-effective.

Assessment must also look forward to the methods available to filter, condition, refine and integrate geophysical studies with existing data from other sciences. We know the best practices and what they can and cannot deliver. IGC can supply any kind of analysis you need and has the experience to tune the software to produce optimum results. If we feel the technology won’t get you the best result, we will tell you.

When you do get our proposal, you are fully informed. You know why we recommend the specific project path and the expected results.