The science is in the collection of viable data and the constraints imposed on that data to solve the problem. The art of interpretation is the ability to infer the geology from partial information. Extensive experience in an area is critical because it provides additional points of reference, past examples to form these inferences.

The quality of science affects outcome

Data enhancement techniques are applied to observed data to isolate anomalies of exploration interest. To get the best results, your interpreter needs to do the work right. With IGC, you know that your work is done by qualified professionals according to standard industry practices.

High-confidence decisions

Our role is to provide you with the best information possible to support high-confidence decisions. This begins with quality data. We make sure that the data you plan to use can deliver the results you need. If necessary, we will make recommendations for other data sets or new surveys.

To get the most out of your data, IGC utilizes various commercial and proprietary software packages. We follow industry best practices in applying the tools, and add our own experience in optimizing them.

Our experience informs your interpretation. Accumulated knowledge of regional geology and of software output is critical to the quality of interpretation.

Data delivered in the format you require

We provide your output and data in whatever format you require. To help clients manage their inventory of interpretations and data, we have developed a proprietary data-management solution.

VIDL® Visual Interactive Data Library

On-line data storage, review and retrieval tool makes it easier for clients to store, view and manage geophysical data.

It may be a frontier to some companies, but we’ve probably been there

Prior knowledge of the region and geology enables us to make recommendations about an approach to a problem that best addresses all of a client’s needs and constraints. It takes profound experience and expertise to make meaningful recommendations like these.

Profound knowledge base and thought leadership

Over the decades since IGC was founded, we have amassed an enormous knowledge base that clients draw on when they engage us. The benefits of this knowledge include:

  • A project designed to get the results you need in the most efficient manner possible.
  • Clear, comprehensive, state-of-the-art geophysical interpretations for high-confidence prospect decisions.

Sensitivity to the constraints and pressures you face within your E&P division.