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Custom Interpretations

Custom interpretation projects are designed to accomplish your objectives IGC provides you with a detailed narrative—a project summary or project report—covering methods and observations. To help you visualize results clearly, we will design and tune data to the most appropriate final map...
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Multi-client Interpretation Packages

The IGC non-exclusive packages are an effective way to benefit from selected components of our experience. We’ve worked a lot of places and we’ve used that region- and area-specific experience to develop non-exclusive integrated interpretation packages for the Continental U.S., Gulf of...
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Northeastern Ohio

The exploration objective was to produce a basement structure map that would assist seismic and geological interpreters to locate viable prospects. The strike-slip faults shown on the magnetically-based Basement Structure map became a lead tool for exploration efforts. Analogous features are seen...
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Offshore Gabon

A regional interpretation of western Offshore Gabon was based on an IGC interpretation of satellite-derived gravity data offshore and a compilation of published data offshore and onshore. The Regional Geologic Features map featured in this report shows a series of basins and...
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